Family Honors Ralph's Love for People and Pets

Benny, the dog

Ralph Lowenbaum’s beloved companion, Benny, inspired Barbara Lowenbaum to establish a fund for animals at HSMO.

Ralph Lowenbaum loved people—almost as much as he loved his faithful canine companion, Benny. This love of people and pets made it easy for Barbara Lowenbaum, Ralph's wife of more than six decades, to honor Ralph's life by establishing the Lowenbaum Pets for Seniors Fund at the Humane Society of Missouri.

HSMO's adoption fees are established to cover part of the investment HSMO makes in each animal, including spaying/neutering, microchipping, vaccinations and treatment of any existing medical condition. On average, HSMO adoption fees cover less than half the total investment that HSMO makes in each animal. Still, for seniors, often on limited incomes, adoption fees can be significant.

When Ralph died unexpectedly, Barbara knew the best way to celebrate his legacy was to make animal adoptions by senior citizens more accessible. The Lowenbaum Pets for Seniors Fund offers discounts to senior citizens on certain pets. Details on the program can be found at HSMO's three companion animal centers (Macklind Avenue, the Kuehner Center in Chesterfield Valley and Maryland Heights).

Barbara and her family and friends provided the first infusion of funding for the Lowenbaum Pets for Seniors Fund. The Lowenbaum family continues to support the fund, and encourages others to join them. It's a fitting way to honor not only Ralph, but all animals in need of loving, human companionship.

Invest in Changed Lives

You, too, can make a difference in the lives of senior citizens and animals by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Lowenbaum Pets for Seniors Fund. To learn about including HSMO in your future plans, please contact Arthur Hailand at 314-951-1584 or