The Time Is Now

If there was ever a time to be inspired to take action, now is that time. Your generous contributions have allowed the Humane Society of Missouri to continue offering essential programs during these uncertain financial times. Thanks to gifts from supporters like you, we can give second chances to thousands of animals that have been abused, abandoned or surrendered to us.

Our three adoption centers have seen an enormous rise in intakes since last year. Every time our Animal Cruelty Task Force goes out on a rescue, it has a huge impact on the Humane Society of Missouri adoption centers and its staff members.

An Unsettling Expedition
Earlier this year, we told you how our Animal Cruelty Task Force rescued 93 Yorkshire terriers from a substandard puppy mill in Greene County, Mo. Because of your help, we were able to save 90 of these sweet dogs, and we are so happy to report that each and every one of them found a second chance with a loving individual or family.

A Dog Gets a Second Chance
One of those lucky Yorkies was Tessa, who was adopted by Rebecca and Glen Henderson of Tucson, Ariz. Tessa is 8 years old and currently weighs 3 pounds, 9 ounces. She unfortunately had to have all of her teeth extracted because of the neglect suffered during her confinement in the puppy mill. The Hendersons have two other Yorkies, 6-year-old Joy and 13-year-old Nikki.

Tessa is the Hendersons first rescue dog. They decided it was something they needed to do. After bringing Tessa home, Rebecca says it only took one night before Tessa joined the other two dogs in the Hendersons' king-sized bed.

Rebecca works with abused children, so it seemed natural that she extend that concern and kindness to animals. The Hendersons have a son who has served twice in Iraq and has been awarded two Purple Hearts. Rebecca feels the Yorkies have been "lifesavers" and give her family hope that her entire family will be reunited again soon.

The Hendersons can't thank the Humane Society of Missouri enough for all the love and care given to Tessa, and they feel blessed to have her join their family.

New Home, New Name
Another lucky little Yorkie from the Greene County rescue was Bella. When Valerie White adopted Bella and took her on a plane back to Colorado, she says everyone on the plane nicknamed her Sweetie, and, so by the time they landed, that became her new name. Valerie says Sweetie is doing very well and has become inseparable with Valerie's other two pets-85-pound golden retriever, Toby, and 15-pound black cat, Max.

Valerie says Sweetie is an absolute pure delight and she is enjoying every minute with her!

How to Continue Your Support
In these uncertain economic times, everybody is stretching more. And it is precisely at this time that your gift to the Humane Society of Missouri does more. With your help, we can meet these critical needs:

  • Ensure that we have enough staff available to handle the increased number of animals turned in, rescued or found wandering on the streets
  • Support these animals with food, medicine and a clean, safe place to sleep while waiting for that second chance at a loving, forever home
  • Help support fostering that many of these animals need before being put up for adoption

Please consider ways you can help-even a little does so much. Do something important. Give hope. Change an animal's life. Keep a promise. Make a difference. With your charitable gift to the Humane Society of Missouri you can do great things when the need is greatest.