A Safe Place for Animals


Thanks to the care she received at HSMO, Blaze is now safe and leading a fully functional life.

The Humane Society of Missouri is a safe place for animals throughout our area. Each day, we provide animals with compassionate vet care, rehabilitation and training, as they await forever homes—and new families are created with each adoption.

What happens here in the dark hours of the night, when a car pulls into the parking lot and an animal is quickly put into one of our night surrender cages, is one of the least known but important parts of HSMO's mission. A mission to be a safe place for surrendering animals. No matter the time or date, every day of the year, the HSMO is that safe place for animals in need of a second chance.

Blaze, a five-month-old kitten, is one of those lucky animals placed in an overnight surrender box. Now, Blaze is healthy and has found her forever home.

Anonymously left, she was found the next morning with a horribly injured right foreleg, but now that she was at the Humane Society of Missouri she was safe. Examined by HSMO vet staff her injured leg was found to be too badly injured to be saved, but otherwise she was a healthy kitten. Expert surgeons skillfully removed the mangled limb, allowing Blaze to live a fully functional life.

Blaze has recovered and is enjoying a fully active second chance at life because the Humane Society was a safe place for her. Blaze and the other animals left overnight depend on donors, like you, who choose to make them part of a legacy of hope through planned gifts to HSMO.

To learn more about the many ways you can make HSMO a part of your legacy, please contact Arthur Hailand at ahailand@hsmo.org or 314-951-1584.