St. Louis Teacher Remembers Family Through Generous Gifts

Carol Hohenberger smiling

Carol Hohenberger

Carol Hohenberger grew up in south St. Louis and, like most young girls, had a deep love for horses. She took English riding classes at the stable next door to Grant's Farm and eventually graduated to jumping lessons. Lessons ended, however, when she fell and cracked some ribs. Even though lessons were over, Carol's love for animals never waned.

She and her parents, Carl and Charlotte, and her brother Carl were a close family. Because of a birth injury, her brother grew up a quadriplegic during the early 1950s and was not allowed to go to school. But this was not to stop either Hohenberger child. While studying her lessons at the kitchen table, Carol would teach her younger brother what she had learned at school each day. Eventually, their mother, determined to ensure her son had an education, found a school for children who were just like Carl, and he went on to excel in his studies. It makes sense that Carol became an elementary school teacher and taught fourth and fifth grade at Bayless Elementary School in St. Louis County for 39 years.

Along with education, the Hohenberger family shared a love of dogs—mainly Chihuahuas, which were cherished and adored by everyone in the family. They began bringing their pets to the Humane Society of Missouri's Veterinary Medical Center after another vet misdiagnosed one of their dogs. From then on their pets came to the Humane Society Vet Med Center where they always received excellent care.

Carol's mother, a registered nurse, and her father, a maintenance supervisor, are both gone now. Unfortunately, Carl also passed away in 1996 from complications with his paralysis. It was after all three were gone that Carol felt she wanted to do something in their memory. After giving it some thought, she decided to make a generous donation to the Humane Society's Longmeadow Rescue Ranch in Union, Mo.

Because Carol worked part time for Famous-Barr Department Stores at that time (which eventually became Macy's), she was able to have her generous donations matched. Matching gifts were not something she was aware of when she began working at Famous-Barr, but soon realized it was a wonderful opportunity available to many people working in the private sector.

Carol says she is grateful knowing she was able to put her donations to good use for the animals while also remembering her family in a way she knows they would appreciate.