Supporters Like You

Meet Our Donors

We are thankful for those who have made an estate gift to the Humane Society of Missouri. Here are their stories.

Dianne Carlile Gives Far-Ranging Support

Growing up in Ipswich, England, which is 60 miles northeast of London, Dianne Carlile was not around many animals.

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A Lifelong Animal Lover Gives Back to HSMO

There was Heidi, Andrew, Shotzie, Minca and Gustov (Gus for short), dear friends that accompanied Anne Cilek throughout her life for eight decades.

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Careful Planning Leads to HSMO Support

Rosemarie Kirchhoefer spread happiness wherever she went.

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Family Honors Ralph's Love for People and Pets

Ralph Lowenbaum’s beloved companion, Benny, inspired Barbara Lowenbaum to establish a fund for animals at HSMO.

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St. Louis Teacher Remembers Family Through Generous Gifts

Carol Hohenberger grew up in south St. Louis and, like most young girls, had a deep love for horses.

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Alitz Tucholko: A Gift From the Heart

When one first meets Alitz Tucholko two things strike you: her charming accent and her warm, inviting manner.

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