He's a Trooper

Trooper getting treatmentIn November 2012, Trooper the dog was dragged for more than a mile behind a pick-up truck. He ultimately survived this horrible cruelty—and found a loving, forever home.

Since his adoption, Trooper has been enjoying adventures in the woods near his new home, taking near-daily walks through the trees, eyeing squirrels and tracking down new and interesting smells.

But because of his trauma, HSMO knew Trooper would need ongoing medical care and had committed to providing him with expert medical care after his adoption.

Then last summer, Trooper began limping on his right hind leg. HSMO veterinarians developed a treatment plan of platelet rich plasma injections, underwater treadmill sessions and therapeutic laser treatments to heal and strengthen his painful knee joint.

After just two weeks of undergoing his new treatments, Trooper improved visibly!

Measurements showed a 5 percent increase in muscle circumference, a 14 percent increase in flexing his right knee and a 22 percent increase in extending that knee.

He is now walking on all four legs again and comes in once a week for underwater treadmill visits, which help him regain and maintain strength. He has returned to long walks in the woods with his dad.

It is only through the generous gifts of our supporters, like you, that we can offer these kind of treatment programs. To learn how you can help contribute, please reach out to Arthur Hailand at ahailand@hsmo.org or 314-951-1584 today. And remember, every amount matters.