A New Place to Call Home

101 Dogs and Cats Living in Unprotected Outdoor Crates and Dilapidated, Waste-Filled Houses

pets in need

Supporters like you helped bring 101 dogs and cats in from the cold.

Frigid weather was just days away. Eighty-four dogs and 17 cats were living in dangerous, squalid conditions.

Forced to live atop their own waste, in stacked, overcrowded cages in houses on a property with no running water.

Many were living in outdoor crates with little or no protection from sleet, snow and freezing temperatures.

Several dogs and cats had not been out of their cramped, waste-filled crates for many days...perhaps weeks.

After being rescued by our Animal Cruelty Task Force, our veterinary team and shelter staff gave them loving care, nutritious Purina food, fresh water and a warm, comfy place to sleep.

A judge in the Circuit Court of Bates County ruled the animals were lawfully impounded and had been abused and/or neglected, and awarded custody of the animals to the Humane Society of Missouri.

Many of the animals continued to receive veterinary care, socialization and training before finding their new forever homes.

Fortunately for these animals, their ordeal is over but this cannot happen to helpless animals again.

You can help rescue and aid in the socialization and recovery of rescued animals through donations of:

Donations may be dropped off at Humane Society of Missouri Adoption Centers. If you would like more information about making a planned gift to the Humane Society of Missouri, please contact Arthur Hailand at 314-951-1584 or ahailand@hsmo.org.