A Happy New Home

Great Dane and American Bulldog Mixes Rescued From Mistreatment in Ripley County

Ramirez the dog

Ramirez was found underfed and scared.

In April, the Humane Society of Missouri's Animal Cruelty Task Force was deployed to a property in Ripley County for a report of a Great Dane and several bulldog mixes being neglected on the property.

The owner was unable to provide basic care for the animals. All were underfed to the point of starvation, and suffering from skin disease and hair loss. One of the worst of the animals rescued that day was a 1-year-old Great Dane named Ramirez. He weighed just 46 pounds when he was rescued, approximately half what he should have weighed.

The Animal Cruelty Task Force team returned to HSMO's Macklind Avenue facility with the dogs, all facing a myriad of health issues, which would have been prevented with basic care and humane treatment.

HSMO vets and shelter staff assessed the animals and developed treatment plans for their skin diseases and a special diet for Ramirez to allow him to gain weight in a healthy, managed way. Ramirez gained nearly 25 pounds in just five weeks!

Healthy Ramirez

Today, Ramirez is healthy, happy, and full of hugs and kisses, thanks to HSMO and generous donors who helped make his recovery possible.

During his recovery, Ramirez became a favorite around the shelter and offices. Despite the abuse and neglect he suffered, a sweet and gentle personality allowed him to steal many hearts and belly rubs from HSMO staff and volunteers.

After weeks of care, Ramirez put on enough weight and gained sufficient strength to allow him to find a forever home. He was recently adopted and is spending his days alongside his new family.

Make a difference in the lives of local animals in need, like Ramirez. Contact Arthur Hailand at 314-951-1584 or ahailand@hsmo.org to learn more.